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This is a guest post by Jennifer McKenzie of StopCopycats.com. Is your first reaction, “Of course not!”? Well, even if you think you’re sure about this, I recommend you read on ... Webmasters use images all the time to create logos, help illustrate the point of a subject, break up text on a page or just to make a website more visually appealing. But is use of these images legal? Maybe, maybe not. What??? Here’s the deal: If you use images obtained from the internet to create your logo or…

This is awesome! Insert an image URL and it automatically gives you a color pallet. Dulls and Vibrants...what a great way to paint or decorate a room when you want to the focus to be one particular object in that room!

automatic color palette generator... input an image, it outputs a dull and vibrant palette! must keep for redecorating and web design!

Five Amazing Color Palette Generators – Color Jack, Daily Color Scheme, Color Palette Generator, Color Hunter, and Kuler

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