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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Actress to Quit Acting after Movie Project Titled 'Cleopatra'


Ray-Ban 'Classic Wayfarer' Nothing beats the original! Favorite glasses of all

Amazing performance by Angelina Jolie and a wonderful twist on the original movie. This years Halloween costume quite possibly!

Meet the other Fairies of Maleficent

The story of Maleficent focuses on the evil fairy queen - played in this film by Angelina Jolie - but there are other fairies in the story of Sleeping Beauty, too.

Is it just me or does her cheekbones freak you out?  "Tis could cut thy glass."

Is it just me or does her cheekbones freak you out? "Tis could cut thy glass.

Contouring. Malificent. Angelina Jolie

I heard one critic describe the prosthetics as over the top, but I disagree. I like to see fae represented as otherworldly.


Feminist Fairy Tales: Why Disney’s Maleficent Deserves all the Pro-Women Awards

These bright green colored contacts will give you the Maleficent Look seen on Angelina Jolie in the popular Disney movie!

Contact Lenses That Will Give You the Maleficent Look

GEO Sparkling Green color contact lenses will give you Angelina Jolie’s stunning look in her recent film Maleficent. Whether you want to match the alluring eyes of Maleficent or experiment with your style, these lenses will be perfect for you.