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He figured out how to make it obvious.. He just took longer than I wanted.. I think it was the best worst thing to ever happen to me :p

The only reason I won't let go of what is making me sad is because it was the only thing that made me happy

I found this on a Facebook site dedicated to helping survivors of Narcissistic Abuse. It was posted by Raging Rhetoric. Thanks for posting this! I hope you don't mind me making a Pinterest pin out of it....

Please. Let's just go back. Let me walk into the room and see you. Let my breath catch again as I wondered where to sit. You were so beautiful. Let's go back to when we stood. With our inside jokes. No one understood us and they thought that we were weird. Let's go back to the time you whispered things in class. Making my stomach hurt as I tried not to laugh. Let go back before the notes. Let's go back before that question, that day, let's go back to when you didn't care what people thought.

and it just so happens my teammates are mostly friends: so thank you to all my friends (who are also my teammates) who have seen me looking like a... a... a indescribable beast monster kinda thing, and have heard me yell and smell like a pig and have bruises the size of apples... and yet you all still stick by me and have never let me down :)

This is me constantly…it never lets up at all. Which is why I tend to be so quiet, especially with people I barely know, because otherwise I worry that I'll scare them with where my mind takes me.

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 15 Perks Of Being A Middle Child

This is often pinned on "thinspo" and "fitness" about we use it the right way? As in, Shock every single one of them by accepting your body the way it is and not falling prey to fashion diktats and standards?

You gave up on me. So this is me finally giving up on you!