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OMG yes XD my kid will probably turn out just like me and I'll call school and say " kid likes this band and if they are at all like me they won't be socializing or going to school for the next few months." XD

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10 Pieces Of Wisdom From Agent Dwayne Pride

NCIS: New Orleans Photos: "I'm the father, you're the daughter. It's my job to worry about you." on

GIBBS Ziva, look, I’m retired. I’m 3,000 miles away. What do you think I can do that they can’t do? ZIVA Honestly, I don’t know. I was hoping maybe…save me? - I love how Gibbs comes back to save his " daughter" <3

NCIS fans will appreciate. My 10 year old daughter's Valentine to her brother. She's paying attention!

Shabbat Shalom - Season 10, #11. Ziva is taken aback by the sudden emotional visit by her father, who she hasn't seen in more than two years. While Ziva questions the purpose of her father’s visit as the Director of Mossad, her father insists he is in the U.S. strictly to see his daughter for Shabbat dinner. Pictured: Rocky Carroll Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ..rh

NCIS Abby holding Victoria Elizabeth Palmer. I love how they all look to Gibbs in this scene as if to say 'come on dad! get your butt in here for family time!'