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I like this idea for each student to have at their desk to see in what kind of mood they are in and discuss as morning meeting or in private.

The Word “Fear” has different meanings for different people, depending on the situation. Fear is not the absence of Freedom, whether you are rational , irrational , irrespective of that Everyone has to deal with it. Fear can be Physical , psychological, neurological, but the most prominent fear we have is our hidden Fears. One might not even aware of that Fear , as we remain so unconscious , and we accept our life to be like that . We have been taught by saying Suffering is the part of our…

Moodsmith. Dr Axe notes: start to recognize underlying thought patterns that trigger mood swings; be attentive to your feelings, body sensations and emotions (stuck energy) before they turn into more severe symptoms; and help you to learn to reach out for help when you notice you’re in a difficult frame of mind (such as experiencing more anxiety or losing sleep).

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