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from Evolution Counseling

Abuse Is An Unresolvable Dilemma

'Abuse is an Unresolvable Dilemma' -- A little article packed with a lot of insight, that will show you the difference between purely sadistic behavior and abuse, show how abuse works from the perspective of behavioral psychology, and why abuse creates an unresolvable dilemma for the victim.

from HubPages

Psychotherapy - Treating Mental and Emotional Problems

Maybe you can’t stop worrying about work. You’re convinced that you are an impostor, and everyone at the office knows it, too. Which means that you’re bound to get fired. Maybe you fear that your partner will abandon you, because you know you’re not enough. Maybe you fear for your family’s safety after your neighbors passed away in a car crash. Maybe you’re worried about your own health after experiencing certain symptoms. Maybe your thoughts involve a different subject. Either way, you…

Who’s looking forward to going back to work tomorrow? Nobody! I was luck enough to have the last two weeks off. I like my job, but even so, I’m not looking forward to heading back to the office. People don’t like Sundays. And they really,...

from Develop Good Habits

How to Systematically Face your Fears with This Unstoppable Habit Stack

What we usually see is either lazy talent or a lot of hard work but little natural talent. Why? Why is the combination of natural talent and hard work so rare? We get into why in this article

Mental Health Stigma Blog: One Step Forward- Twelve Steps Back | There are a lot of reasons that I chose to get into the field of addiction treatment. But the main reason was that I could never understand why organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous retain such a glorious public perception, all the while having success rates of approximately 5 per cent after one year.

from A dose of healthy distraction

My ADHD Story

My ADHD Story - A story about growing up with the diagnosis, navigating my early adult years, and eventually self-acceptance. It's been a long process, but now I am living, laughing and parenting with ADHD.