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[Fullmetal Alchemist] Edward Elric Also threw in a single gray knee high sock…no one would know you’re wearing it, but that’s the beauty of casual cosplay—most people don’t even realize you’re doing it. (☉‿☉✿) View all FMA outfits here.

I found 'Philosopher's Stone Ring - Fullmetal Alchemist - Cosplay Items - Anime Sekai' on Wish, check it out!

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), created by kaylafaith...Already have the pocket watch and necklace, just need the other stuff! : )

[Fullmetal Alchemist] Alphonse Elric I thought sports uniforms were difficult, but they don’t even compare to a suit of armor! This is was probably the hardest casual cosplay I’ve done thus far, and honestly, I can’t decide if I like the results. Oh well, Alphonse is so precious and lovable either way. <33 The tank top can be worn either tucked in or outside the skirt—doesn’t really matter—and the sequined bra top goes underneath everything (obvs).