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Moldavite - wire wrap - necklace - pendant - Sterling SIlver - Moldavite pendant necklace - genuine - crystal - meteorite large intricate

Moldavite - Moldavite necklace - Moldavite Pendant - wire wrap - crystal gem mineral - natural genuine Moldavite specimen - Gold Fill

Peace Mantra Wrap

Contentment | Neutrality | Serenity Wear your Peace Mantra Wrap to connect you to the natural rhythms of life. Botswana Agate connects you to the energy of the Earth to ground, heal and connect you with your own personal rhythm.

Made with Black Striped Onyx & Agate, the Mawu Necklace embodies the essence of the goddess of night, joy, wisdom and knowledge. #mawu #Agate #Geode #Healing #necklace

Australian boulder opal withgreens, aquas & smoldering red fire. On two strands of semi-transparent slippery smooth Brazilian kyanite. Dramatic 18K & ruby cabochon accents. Pendant size 2 1/4" x 1 3/4".

Solar System Necklace Pendant - Spinning Solar System Tombac Copper Brass Pendant- Geeky Jewlery

Solar System - Spinning Solar System Tombac Copper Brass Pendant ~ Universe ~ Steampunk ~ Space ~ Planets ~ Sun ~ Earth ~ Pluto ~ Necklace by MirielDesign on Etsy