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#amrica के #donaldtrumpmakesmewannasmokecrac

Obama tells CNN that he will NOT vacate the Oval office if Donald J. Trump is elected. | Obama refusing to leave if Trump is elected

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP

Trump claims he won the CBS poll . CBS didn't do a poll. Donald lives in his mind, not reality.

Donald Trump wild hair - welfare king "a freeloader who’s made his way in life…

Former Miss Teen Slams Media Against Trump: He Was “An Absolute Gentleman” -

Hillary could never even compete with the Trump!!! He loves America, while she…

Michelle did NOT think this would come out...BOOM: Rush Reveals Michelle's Perverted Past After She Dumps on Trump

Trump Sex Accuser's Family Says She's Lying. When people lack resources, they are debunked. You need money than go to Hollywood? Golddiggers wanted!!!