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Explore Women S Justice, 2015 Philadelphia and more!

Battered Women's Justice Project Protection Order Practice for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement / 13 - 14 April 2015 Philadelphia

Public Service Announcements - Social Issue Ad 21 (warning: if you follow the link attached to this image, there will be some very graphic images meant to shock viewers into recognizing social issues.)

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Women Do Not Need to Be Polite (Live Life Happy)

Dramaturgy BGG. Have you ever wondered why as women we feel the need to be polite to people who make us uncomfortable?

-Frog analogy to abusive relationships- You can use this analogy to represent a lot of bad things in life. More

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg supporting Women's Rights and equality.

"I need feminism because little girls are told that boy hitting or teasing them means 'he likes you'." -Kelly McCarty

Hvorfor vi stadig skal kæmpe for kvinders frihed i alle verdens lande.

Change the descriptor from "gay" to "black", "poor", "Muslim", "disabled", "uneducated", "woman", etc., and you see why equality for the LGBT community is such a critical issue for Americans today!

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Occupy Wounded Knee: A 71-Day Siege and a Forgotten Civil Rights Movement

Russell Means Announcing AIM's Settlement with US Govt at Wounded Knee