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1 year of water left

1 year of water left

"Animals have hearts that feel, eyes that see, and families to care for, just like you and me." - Anthony Douglas Williams (Inside The Divine Pattern)

Plastic kills over 1M birds + 100K marine mammals each year via plastic waste in their stomach.

Keep animals in mind when shopping for back-to-school clothing items! Look for cruelty-free fabrics such as cotton, cotton flannel, polyester, and other synthetic materials. #WearVegan #AnimalsAreNotFabric #KindTeacher

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Watch these baby bears get their first sight of the world:

Beautiful: Nuzzling Orcas Spotted From 100 Feet In The Air.

Did you know that Ravens not only remember people who help them, but also that they tell their friends about the kindness? In field studies, researchers have observed that whenever a human assists a raven or crow in trouble, the entire community of these corvids, not just the bird that was helped, becomes generally friendlier toward and more trusting of the human benefactor. Smart birds indeed!