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STUDIO CITY, CA - Is the "Big Brother" house actually haunted? There's a buzz on the internet the last few days that apparitions have been seen by feed viewers and that a few of the houseguests are aware of the presence.

One woman now lives with her daughter in a densely populated neighborhood of the city of Bukavu, in eastern Congo. Six months ago, she had been sentenced to permanent exile from her native village of Lemera, in the South Kivu province, after a tribal court tried and convicted her of using witchcraft to kill her neighbor’s three children.

The Hermann-Grima House

New Orleans is perhaps America's most haunted city, so it's no surprise the place is full of ghosts and floating entities. Come take a look at 10 haunted houses in the Big Easy.

107 W High St, Villisca, haunted by an unsolved murder. In 1912, Josiah B. Moore, his wife and six children were bludgeoned to death in their beds, and there was never enough evidence to bring the murdered to trial. The "Ax Murder House" has been restored to it's original condition and is open for tours or overnight stay.

St. Audoen's gate is only of only few remaining gates of the old medieval wall in Dublin City, A witch was burned alive on these very gates and today still haunts the 40 steps behind it.

Established in 1229, it is one of the oldest universities in France. The city and university grounds of Toulouse have seen much bloodshed over the years. During the Medieval Inquisition in 1278, many Jews who had made their home in Toulouse were brought to trial – by some accounts, on university grounds. Those found guilty of heresy and other crimes were condemned to be burn

AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos

A picture that has been around for years. This was taken at the time of the man's death. He is surrounded by energy which could be his own energy leaving his body or the energies of others waiting to greet him. Notice the linear energy over him as well.

nce upon a time a beautiful mill worker lived in the city of Fall River. Her mother had come from a wealthy family and her father was a lowly worker in her grandfather’s mill. When Sarah’s grandfather disowned her mother over her marriage, it wasn’t long before her father left them. Her mother, heartbroken and alone became ill and unable to work. Sweet Sarah packed her bag and started her journey following mill work throughout New England. Little did she know that the big, bad wolf lurked in…

PHOTOS: America's Most Haunted Places

It may now be a reproduction for tourists, but Williamsburg really was once a thriving colonial capital. And, if theres anything we know about historic cities, its that they are crawling with ghosts.