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STUDIO CITY, CA - Is the "Big Brother" house actually haunted? There's a buzz on the internet the last few days that apparitions have been seen by feed viewers and that a few of the houseguests are aware of the presence.

MUFON CMS - Pacific, Missouri - May 7, 2011 - unedited: My girlfriend and I saw at least 20 UFO's over Pacific MO at 11pm May 7th. We saw them fly in straight lines and would turn unlike any aircraft I have ever seen. They would be moving slow and them stop and then just dart. We also saw one fly right over our house and when it got above us it glowed a bright white. We also saw some kind of aircraft chasing a few of them and even what looked li

Stay @ The Lizzie Borden House. Or any other "Haunted" Bed & Breakfast or Inn - in New England. Wanted to do this for a long time and have a couple of books on Haunted locations in MA / NE!

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The Longfellow House is believed haunted by the ghosts of tortured slaves

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8 Haunted Houses in New Orleans That Will Scare Your Pants Off

New Orleans is perhaps America's most haunted city, so it's no surprise the place is full of ghosts and floating entities. Come take a look at 10 haunted houses in the Big Easy.

Dame Armine - Hunstanton Hall (Norfolk) Swearing on her deathbed that if her carpet was removed from the house she would return, Dame Armine held true her promise 80 years later when it was cut up and given away. After several days of haunting the pieces were collected and rejoined. Though it is said that the haunting activity stopped after this, a grey figure has still been reported in the building.

107 W High St, Villisca, haunted by an unsolved murder. In 1912, Josiah B. Moore, his wife and six children were bludgeoned to death in their beds, and there was never enough evidence to bring the murdered to trial. The "Ax Murder House" has been restored to it's original condition and is open for tours or overnight stay.

St. Audoen's gate is only of only few remaining gates of the old medieval wall in Dublin City, A witch was burned alive on these very gates and today still haunts the 40 steps behind it.