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DIY – Des lanternes À partir de ballons, ça semble simple et c'est joli (plutôt en petit pour mettre sur les tables parce que sinon, ça demande beaucoup de plafond)

from Idée Créative

Créer une suspension simple et originale

from Mademoiselle Dentelle

La tendance florale pour les mariages de 2015

love the ambience with lanterns, candles, lots of flowers, and lighting above. i like the clean white and green on top of rustic tables with the cross back chairs....i would like to double the flowers (using my bouquet as inspiration for the centerpieces)

from Trucs et Bricolages

TROP COOL! Fabriquer des boules lumineuses qui flotteront dans la piscine!

Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. My version: EPIC FAIL. The glow sticks did not bend well into the balloons and the air leaked out quickly. Glow sticks sink (or the ones we had did), and the kids had way more fun using them as dive sticks.

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Des feuilles d’arbres séchées, une idée de décoration originale ?

Leaf confetti - a gorgeous idea for an autumn wedding, but could also work with flower petals or even customising with tissue paper / wrapping paper / pages of a book.