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Cruel Intentions 1999 #reesewitherspoon #ryanphillippe #annettehargrove #sebastianvalmont ##cruelintentions #1999 by reesesphotos

MorbidMuch: Four slasher series that defined '90s horror.

A resurrected director's cut of disco drama 54 brings Ryan Phillippe - and his insanely skintight busboy get-ups - to the big screen once again.

Ryan Phillippe gushes about his daughter Ava, 15, as he turns 40

Ryan Phillippe on Billy Douglass One Life To Live," 1992

Ryan Phillippe. He is a special kind of sexy and I have had it for this man since I saw him in Cruel Intentions back in 1999. Damn.

Picture of Ryan Phillippe

matthew ryan philippe <3

Ryan Phillippe as openly gay Billy Douglas in One Life to Live (1968-2012)