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Resting Under the Tree by TsaoShin

Rest Your Weary Head Tell me your favorite(s) in the comments mine are Twilight, Fluttershy, Luna, Derpy and Trixie

All Aboard The Money Train

All Aboard The Money Train

Sometimes we need a hug and be told that it's going to be OK because OK means acceptance or agreement OK is in between better and worse. And we all need to except life for what it is

Really wish they'd bring the Sea Ponies back to the reboot! These renditions are really cool.

Cute? Well... the rest is close enough!


Thread locking by GO- update pg 22 - Page 17

If you say mlp is for little girls only, THE FACT THAT YOU ARE WRONG!

If I ever am a teacher I am so using this to teach the zodiac signs!!!

This was every ponies reaction

This was every ponies reaction