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A FABERGÉ GOLD IMPERIAL PRESENTATION PIN, AUGUST HOLMSTROM, ST. PETERSBURG, 1908-1917. The square pendant with oval cabochon ruby corners and mounted with a polished gold medallion with deeply carved bust portraits of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, covered with amber colored translucent enamel. Hallmarked St. Petersburg 1908-1917, workmaster initials for AH for August Holmstrom and 56 gold standard (14K). Height 3.25 inches (8.5 cm). Total weight 7 grams.

In a way I approached portraiture like I was casting for a film. I never wanted the work to be a documentary project - I was looking for something lyrical. So with the portraits I wanted a degree of melancholy. The project has a weight to it and I wanted a look with the portraits that felt more regretful than celebratory. Not boom but bust. Ben Huff The Last Road North by Ben Huff [2/4] #art #photography

ROMAN BRONZE STEELYARD WEIGHT: PROBABLY A PORTRAIT OF ANTONIA MINOR. Daughter of Mark Anthony, a veil on the back of her head. Her right shoulder is bare and the bust is covered by a sensuously draped chiton. Ca. AD 30-50

#France Louis XVI (1774-1793). Double Louis d' #or du Béarn au buste habillé (16.06g), 1778, Pau. Gadoury 362b. Très rare (25081 ex.). Vendu aux #encheres le 05/07/14 par Côtes Basque Enchères