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What’s In The Harry Potter Makeup Brush Collection? You Can Officially Put On Eye Makeup With A Wand

Lovers of the wizarding world, rejoice! It's as if our "accio" summoning charm actually worked: The Harry Potter makeup product of our dreams is officially here. New beauty brand "Storybook Cosmetics" announced their Harry Potter makeup brushes via I

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Painting My World: What To Do with Plein Air Paintings?

from 1915 House

Best Paint Sprayer for DIYers and Weekend Warriors

The HomeRight paint sprayer is a HUGE game changer! I'll never be without it - big projects or small, my DIY world has been flipped on it's head - in the best possible way!

Karen Margulis Painting my World: Painting with Diane Townsend Pure Colors

Setting Prompts-August 2016-Writing Prompt-Skeletal remains paint the macabre…

Painting my World: Dealing with Green in a Pastel Painting

Painting My World 'In Flander's Fields' 6x6 pastel ©Karen Margulis sold