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A cursed fiend wrought death, disease, and pain. A blessed friend brought breath and ease again

Here's a new tangle I've been playing with for a little while in private for the last month in my sketchbook, and which made an appearance early October here while I was exploring contour hatching with Joki and Narwal. It's the wild cousin to Ruutz!  I called it "PRASIMA", because it reminds me of something that goes up and forward, almost like a wave.  Make no mistake, it is a high focus tangle! Here is the stepout for you to try: Copyright 2016 Eni Oken

This is me. I love pink and im kinda girly on the outside but that's not my personally! I love video games, am a tomboy, I love love, am SUPER overprotective of my freinds, and I'm an anime (but cute) nerd!

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Welcome, my name is Melanie and I am a K-5 art teacher. I spend my days doing what I love: educating and learning from creative, inquisitive kids. This blog was created as an extension of the dialogue that began in our classroom and the purpose is to share creative ideas and images. All posts should be appropriate for the school classroom and criticism should be helpful and positive...