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Almond Macaron Cookies

Basic French Macarons

These charming little cookies have become a total dessert craze thanks to our French friends across the pond. Macarons are a sugary and delicious treat perfect for tea parties, bridal showers, and basically any festive occasion you can think of. Don't be intimidated by their seemingly difficult recipe requirements, because our guide to baking and assembling the basic French macaron is fool proof!

Amaretti Recipe - Italian Macaron Cookies - Gluten Free

Nut-Free Macaron Recipe - How to Cook That (I like this recipe because the almond flour substitute doesn't rely on seeds.)

Grain Free Snickerdoodles

These Grain Free Snickerdoodles have the same soft texture and buttery cinnamon sugar taste of a classic snickerdoodle, but are made without flour, butter, eggs, or refined sugar! | #vegan #paleo #cookies

Fresh Lime Macarons

Cookies are one of my favorite foods. I adore macarons, but whenever I see them in a bakery, they are so crazy expensive. Surprisingly, they are not that hard to make! As almond flour is used, that part of the recipe is a bit more expensive, but they are so worth it. Don’t buy these when you can DIY. This lime version is perfect for a summer dessert! These would also make a lovely gift.

Almond joy coconut macaroons

Almond Joy Coconut Macaroons I love a good ol' fashioned cookie exchange. And why not add this little number to the lineup? I'm sure those who like coconut will love these scrumptious little baked goods.

Cornmeal Macarons by Stella Parks, just named one of Food & Wine's Top 10 Pastry Chefs She says they're harder to make than regular macarons, but I say cornmeal is much cheaper than ground almonds!