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Ma'at-- is the Egyptian goddess of truth and order. She spends a lot of time in the Egyptian underworld. According to the Book of the Dead, after you die, the canopic jar that contained your preserved heart (the organ that housed the soul) was set on one side of the Scales of Judgement. Ma’at then placed her Feather of Truth on the other side. The jackal-headed god Anubis then weighed the two against each other.

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Ma'at - The Egyptian Goddess Of Truth

Maat is the Goddess of Truth and Justice who personifies cosmic order and harmony as established by the Creator God at the beginning of time. Her symbol is an ostrich feather. Judges were regarded as priests of Maat. In the hall of judgement at the weighing of the heart, the heart of the deceased was placed on the scales of justice, balanced against the feather of Maat, symbol of justice.

The Goddess Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. She represents the ideals of law, order, and truth. The word, Maat translates as "that which is straight," it implies anything that is true, ordered, or balanced. She was the female counterpart of Thoth, "The Great Measure. Maat plays an important part in the Book of the Dead. It is in the Hall of Maat the judgement of the dead was performed. This was done by weighing one's heart (conscience) against the feather of Maat. If a balance was…

Berehynia is the Ukranian Goddess of Protection. While some argue that she is a recent invention, made up to personify the new independence of Ukrainian women, her symbols have been used for centuries in pysanky (egg-decorating) and rushnyky (embroidery of ritual cloth). Her form, a woman with her arms raised, has been modified through the centuries but has remained a symbol of protection.