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Anubis and Ammit - Weighing of the Heart Ceremony

Classic Mythology - Anubis by MelUran. Weighing of the heart with the feather of truth. If yoyr heart is lighter than the feather you go to heaven. Heavier it gets eaten by the demon god.

Mythology + Religion: Loki's Family Tree (Norse Mythology) | #MythologyAndReligion #Mythology #NorseMythology

Mythology + Religion: Loki's Family Tree, which is slightly different in the Marvel Universe. They have also included Greco-Roman and Egyptian mythology into the Thor universe.

I don't know why but my fave is the god of horizons :-P The art of the Theros block gods

The art of the Theros block gods

Fantasy gods (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Good bit of inspiration here- and I'm keen to discuss ideas with folks at any time if you want to comment below :D Edit: Gods from the "Theros" block of Magic the Gathering

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Rain Rustle - Original Oil On Canvas by Leonid Afremov by Leonid Afremov, I LOVE the colors in this painting!