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10 Step Guerilla Marketing Attack / 1. Research 2.List Benefits of working with you! 3.Guerilla Marketing Weapons 4. 7 step Marketing Plan 5. Guerilla Marketing Calendar 6. Find Joint Venture Partners 7.Launch in Slow Motion 8. Maintain the Launch 9. Keep Track of Success 10.Improve! / Jay Conrad Levinson /

The cheapest and least and least effective weapon on the market. Cons sell it to noobs who don't know what they're doing.

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Home Protection Just Got A Little Easier That is if you own one of these! Thanks to new advancements, this non lethal weapon has TRIPLE STUN TECHNOLOGY. This means that there is not just one high voltage sparking arch but 3 of them! Making it a police force baton and a stun gun as well.

Supply Drop, Operation Junction City, 1967. Operation Junction City was the largest U.S. airborne operation since WWII’s Operation Market Garden and was the only major airborne operation of the Vietnam War. It began on February 22, 1967 and lasted almost three months with the goal of destroying Vietcong bases and the Vietcong military headquarters for South Vietnam. While American forces captured large quantities of stores, equipment and weapons, it failed to be a turning point in the war.