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Laura Anderson - Clothespin Categories can be used with school-age clients. This activity targets sorting/categorizing concrete nouns by pulling a sock out of the washing machine with a picture stimuli of a word and clipping it to the proper category.This activity can be used to target other goals such as: turn taking, synonyms, antonyms, answering questions, describing, minimal pairs, following directions, articulation target sounds, sequencing, syllable counting, and rhyming words.

Laura Lantz- Speech & Language Plinko can be used with clients of any age. This activity can be used to target articulation, language and numerous other goals! The client’s speech or language target can be placed on a chip and dropped into labeled slots. All chips and slots have Velcro and are laminated so they may be customized to fit any activity. Plinko can be used to target goals including articulation, word order, rhyming, synonyms/antonyms, verb tense, sequencing, turn taking…

What's in the Stocking? 20 questions game (adapted for K) Write 1-20 on board. S. ask teacher yes/no questions to figure out object in stocking. Erase a number after each ?

This activity pack is a perfect companion for the story, 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston. This packet is not affiliated with the book and does not contain the story. This packet includes 10 turkeys to print, cut, and laminate. Use them as visuals while you read the story.

The book is so cute - buy it at Primarily AU-Some I had to make some comprehension activities to go with it. Enjoy!Print out all the pages. Add velcro to the empty boxes. 3 picture choices go under each question and the individual box is used for the answer.

Mail themed centers to review short vowel CVC words! Students will match the picture (stamp) to the corresponding envelope.