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17 Things Healthy People Need to Hear During Invisible Illness Awareness Week

Let's raise awareness for people fighting invisible daily battles.

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Fibromyalgia -The irritable everything syndrome by coolnana

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Five Common 'No No's' for People With Fibromyalgia

Dear Readers, Here are five common "no no's" people mistakenly do when trying to manage fibromyalgia. Do any sound like you? ...

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Natural Pain Remedies to Make Your Day More Manageable

Natural pain remedies to help manage various types of chronic pain and chronic illness! Natural pain management techniques, supplements & homemade remedies

It's not just a bad day. It's every day. It's hard days. It's hard weeks. It's hard nights- long, painful, lonely nights. It's asking someone to talk, about anything, to provide distraction long enough to ride out just one wave. It's that one hard wave dragging you under, when they drift away, as you drown. It's the hard end, hearing them say, "we tried to help her...what more could we do?" It's hard to hide my bad days. But I do. I hide bad days, so they never have to pretend they didn't…

Stick around long enough and you will see me grab my knees, hands, or feet crying. Stupid Rheumatoid Arthritis

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