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Beware of the Cat!

Mine does this ALL the time. Does yours? No matter what I’m eating they want to try it. I resist, They meow. I give in – they turn their noses up at it!

rokuthecat: “ Are we done yet..? by esthervinju breed,cat,coon,coons,kitten,kittens,kitties,kitty,maine,maine coon,mainecoon,pet,pets,tiger ”

Jaggedfaith update)) This is Jaggedfaith. Her mate is Greatflame, and her kits are named; Lynxkit, Bubblekit, and Barkkit. She plans to kill Blizzardstar with Greatflame and Stormstripe. (Me)

'I don't speak to my parents anymore': Troubled Amanda Bynes cuts concerned family members out of her life