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medieval floor tile- Buy cheap canvas drop cloth, create tile stencils, paint it to look like a medieval floor.

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"Scene of the Chronicles of Froissart (Cats Medieval)" par Susan Herbert

SuperStock - 14th century International Gothic fresco showing medieval costumes

Reconstruction of design motif surrounds 11th century printed textile

Medieval Pomanders with Rosary, 15th Century) Medieval Rosary and Paternoster

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What Was Underwear Like in Medieval Times?

What Was Underwear Like in Medieval Times?: It wasn't at all uncommon for men engaged in manual labor to strip down to their undertunics. In this painting of summer reapers, the man in white has no problem working in just his schert and braies, but the woman in the foreground is more modestly attired. She's tucked her dress up in her belt, revealing the long chemise underneath, but that's as far as she'll go.