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tiny Rainbow Hand Painted Rock

Devils Marbles

In the creation story of the Dreaming, the Rainbow Serpent fashioned the earth and then returned to a spot east of the Kimberleys at a place where the rainbow meets the earth. The Rainbow Serpent's eggs fossilised and became what non-Aborigines now call the Devils Marbles. The Aborigines know them as Karlukarlu. This collection of huge, round, red-colored boulders is found in the Tennant Creek region of Australia's Northern Territory.

Unique Hand Painted Sea Turtle Rock by Roberto Rizzo

Blue whale hand painted beach rock pebble stone

Blue whale hand painted beach rock pebble stone in Pet Supplies, Small Animal Supplies, Other Small Animal Supplies | eBay

Peint des fleurs sur Rock acrylique sur pierre peinte à la main sur la roche

Peints à la main rock One-of-a-kind trouvé sur north shore plage de Long Island, New York. Je sélectionne seulement les pierres qui résonnent avec