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Designer of the quirky drawer Pull Me To Life, Juno Jeon, is back with a set of cabinets that can conceal its contents from wary eyes! Read More at Yanko Design

How do you retain a minimalist, geometric style yet cater to ergonomics? Read Full Story at Yanko Design

cement lights by industrial designer Rainer Mutsch


from The Stir

DIY: Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture DIY - Measure and cut mirrors w/ a glass cutter (score and snap the pieces off) Apply mirror mastic to the back of the mirror pieces and press them firmly onto the furniture piece. Do large pieces first. Clean with acetone to remove all the excess mirror mastic. Apply grout to soften jagged edges and fill in any tiny gaps you may have. Remove the extra grout with a damp cloth. #DIY #homedecor #mirror

I dream, create and admire - Bon Drawer 2012 Design: Keiji Ashizawa Design...

The 'Rock Chair' is a design which unites traditional craftsmanship and contemporary digital technologies, to form the frame, the designers used 3D scans of real stones from the shore of the Japanese Sea... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

This simplistic 'cube stool' looks rigid and inflexible, take a seat, however, and you’ll find its cleverly constructed to adapt comfortably to your bum... READ MORE at Yanko Design !


18 Incredibly Creative Shelves For Book Lovers

Para guardar os livros com estilo, que tal uma estante de madeira? Simples e funcional, o artigo ajuda na hora de organizar a sala. Tenha mais inspiração em:

from Man Made DIY

Weekend Project: Make a Wooden Chair from One Board (for $8!)

Weekend Project: Make a Wooden Chair from One Board (for $8!) | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: diy, woodworking, wood, outdoor