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If Monday Were a Cat - 23rd September 2014

There's Grumpy Cat. Now there's Scary Cat! Love the face :-)


Photo by Johnny Krüger "Mysterious Case of What the Kitty Saw!

Muy cómodo, claro

Cats Are The Ultimate Contortionists

Liquid takes shape of a bowl.Cat takes shape of a bowl.Therefore Cat is a Liquid :P hahahah ^^


Funny pictures about I am a cat and I can sleep wherever I want. Oh, and cool pics about I am a cat and I can sleep wherever I want. Also, I am a cat and I can sleep wherever I want photos.

где весна?

Grumpy Cat Is Not Impressed by TIME’s Photo Shoot

Grumpy Cat is not impressed by the TIME magazine shoot - No way. A CAT made it to TIME magazine? Can I have a TIME photo shoot too?

"Let us be honest, most of us rather like our cats to have a streak of wickedness.  I should not feel quite easy in the company of any cat that walked around the house with a saintly expression." --Beverly Nichols

104 Grumpy Flat-Faced Cats

Most Popular Flat Faced Cat Breeds in The World - Save More Animals

 I told you I didn't do it...smell my paws no tuna here...

those aren't spirit fingers.THESES are spirit fingers -the worlds best cheer-leading movie bring it on