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A fun story about fireflies, that also comes with a set of comprehension questions. Have your child read the story out loud before they work on the questions. Worksheets contain a variety of activities, including short answer questions, true and false, and a word search. Read more at

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Second Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheet - Yellow Teeth


The Pet Store - Reading Comprehension

Short stories are a great way to get students interested in and used to reading. Use this free printable worksheet that features a story about a Pet Shop to help your young learner improve their reading and reading comprehension skills. Students should read the story, and then complete the questions on the attached worksheet. Read more at #free…


Cat and Mouse

This easy-to-read story is great for first graders who are working on their reading and reading comprehension skills. Also contains comprehension questions to check how much of the story your child understood. Read more at

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Phonics-Based Reading Passages & Phonemic Awareness

FREE Phonics-Based Reading Passages Fluency and Skill Based Reading Comprehension Notebook (ALL YEAR). This free printable includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and writing. A great resource for teachers that will save you time and energy. These phonics activities exemplify engaging learning strategies with simple instructions and interactive activities.Click here to get your free printable pages.


Big Mouth Baby

A story about a big mouthed baby that gets first graders reading! The related worksheets are great for preparing children for tests, as they have matching, multiple choice, and short answer. Read more at #comprehension, #grade1, #printable, #reading


The Musical Picnic

Encourage your second grader to practice their reading comprehension with this collection of free worksheets. #reading #comprehension #readingcomprehension #freereadingcomprehension #freereadingworksheets #grade2readingcomprehension


Hippo and Frog

Free second grade reading comprehension worksheets! #comprehension #freereadingworksheets #grade2readingcomprehension #reading #readingcomprehension