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Her grandmother is blind because the guys are kinda ugly. And her grandmother is wrong the guys of 5Seconds Of Summer have small penises.


Luke Hemmings on

Eingebettetes Bild

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5 seconds of summer>>>> WHY?!?!?! SO MUCH BEAUTY!!!!!!!

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5 Seconds Of Summer on

It's really and don't know why it's funny!

When people hate 5 seconds of summer

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Which 5 Seconds Of Summer Member Are You?

calums bass tho

I just find this funny lol and true respect the band and its members and support them through everything and you are just a big of fan:-) <<<< So glad someone made this. I became a fan the summer of 2015 (and btw it all happened in 5 seconds hehe) and I see all these hateful pins about new fans and I feel so sad<<same here

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Michael Clifford on

Michael Clifford! 5SOS, 5 Seconds of Summer! Funny!

Hey...I'm sorta new to the 5sos fandom so if you guys would comment anything that might help me learn stuff that I should know that would be great! Thank you<3