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The BEST way to make a Sharpie mug: set the paint for little to no chipping and keep its vibrant color.

The Ultimate Guide to Sharpie Mugs

baking a Dollar Tree mug at 250 degrees for 2 hours provided the best results. What is the best way to make, bake, and care for Sharpie mugs? A test of different temperatures, times, and kinds of washing to find out.

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Best DIY Sharpie Mug: use oil-based Sharpies and bake @250 for 2 hrs for best, long-lasting results

The Ultimate Guide to Sharpie Mugs

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Sharpie Mug . Tree mug at 250 degrees for 2 hours provided the best results. The color of the paint remained largely the same and paint on the mug did not chip at all (except for the minor top chipping).