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I have never seen something so accurate in my life. I literally sat on the floor counting all of the change in my piggy bank to see if I have enough for the house party tour. And I'm proud to say that 25 gold dollars and a whole hunch of other coins, I have enough to buy a ticket.

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R5 Concert w/ bestie

R5 Concert w/ bestie I prefeir the drummer

R5 Hit Oktoberfest Before Concert in Munich Germany

So true... Especially if you live half way across the world for them then finally see them me:*cough cough* EXO *cough cough* come back to L.A

Lmao! So true! You know, if I ever got to go to an R5 concert (once they come to my town)

Omg ! Love this pic More then the one with the colors (the one that's on the stln (sometime last night) album

OMG this is the cutest thing ever! ❤️ I love Riker's face

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R5 Imagines

GUESS WHO GETS TO SEE THIS AMAZING BAND CALLED R5 IN CONCERT?!?! I DO! I AM SO EXITED! I AM GOING TO AN R5 CONCERT IN DES MOINES IOWA IN MARCH! Yay! I have waited 2 and a half years for them to come close to where I live and now they are!!! I'm not sure if I'm gonna get M&G tickets since they are so expensive, but at least I'll get to go to the concert!! I'm having a major FGM!

This is why I love Ellington We all HAVE to love him no matter what people say or do otherwise