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Parts Psychology: A Trauma-Based Treatment Approach < Are you looking for an innovative approach to healing trauma? Have you heard about Parts Psychology and wondered what it was all about? According to this approach [and the Internal Family Systems], we all have a number of different personality parts and these parts developed [and continue to develop] as a result of our having to address difficult events in our lives...

from Sarah Steckler

8 Personality Assessments to Deeply Discover Who You Are

Building awareness of who we are and what we need is key to cultivating happiness and gratitude. Personality assessments and tests can be a fun and easy way to give voice and definition to who you are in ways you've never realized before. Hop on over to the blog to find a roundup of 8 personality assessments to help you discover who you are!

from Arabah

Why and How to Start a Truth Journal

How true is your thinking? And are you sure you can rely on your internal dialogue? Here's an argument for thinking truthfully and how to actually do it!

Do you have an Internal Locus of Control? An External Locus of Control? A Victim Stance? Click through to learn an Old Polish Wisdom Saying to help you integrate this important principle...

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from Sarah Steckler

101 30-Day Self-Care Challenge Ideas

101 Self-Care Challenge Ideas | Who doesn&apos;t love a Challenge?! Try out one of these ideas for 30 days and see how much of a boost you can add to your happiness. Simple changes can add a whole lot of awesomeness to your life and you don&apos;t hav