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A little bit of knowledge about metal. ‪#‎iron‬ ‪#‎ferrous‬ ‪#‎metal‬

Ferrous Metals mostly contain Iron. They have small amounts of other metals or elements added, to give the required properties. Ferrous Metals are magnetic and give little resistance to corrosion. #AmsMetal

Advantages of ferrous metals - #AmsMetal * High strength to weight ratio compared to Non-metals * Heavier than Aluminum and Titanium Alloys *High quality and durable material * Prone to corrosion by rusting (except stainless steel) * Machine-ability Affected by magnetic field * Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is constructed from wrought iron? A relatively low carbon alloy (<0.08%), wrought iron is a semi-fused mass of iron and slag – a glass-like by-product containing metal oxides and silicon dioxides. It is highly malleable and resistant to corrosion. Wrought iron was commonly used in the past, featuring in items such as railways, horseshoes and gates; however, production of wrought iron today has ceased, owing the availability of steel…

http://www.amsmetal.com.my/ferrous-metal-product-list/ Ferrous Metal Product List By AMS Metal. Singapore & Malaysia (South East Asia) Largest Aluminium, Copper & Ferrous Metal Supplier.

Ever wondered what the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is? Probably not, but if you're like me you have. In this thrilling video you will b...

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As the most abundant of all commercial #metals, alloys of iron and steel continue to cover a broad range of structural applications. Iron ore is readily available, constituting about 5% of the earth's crust, and is easy to convert to a useful form. Iron is obtained by fusing the ore to drive off oxygen, sulfur, and other impurities. The ore is melted in a furnace in direct contact with the fuel using limestone as a flux. http://www.amsmetal.com.my/

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