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Military training is underway on university campuses across China, required for university freshman. Many of these students taking part in the training have snapped photos to record their military lives. They later post these photo online, winning popularity among Chinese netizens.

China’s biggest online buzzwords of 2015.

A tourist looks at a sculptured dough figurine in the form of the Monkey King at a temple fair in Beijing.

Chengdu’s first panda-themed subway train has made its debut to a group of 20 lucky fans on Friday. Smiley panda faces, footprint and bamboo patterns put a cheery décor in the interior of the subway carts. The company says they will add more panda elements to the train. ‪#‎Panda‬

Temples in Wutai Mountain in northern ‪China‬'s Shanxi province hang red lanterns to celebrate the ‪ChineseNewYear‬.

parrots lean close to each other at the Suzhou Zoo in Suzhou City, on the occasion of the Valentine's Day.

The snapshots of Tongling Ancient Town could make you find another side of Dongshan Island.