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imagine your walking down the street with your friends.u bring up Ross and your friends groan."He not cute or popular" "he way better than other celebrities!he kind and he doesn't care if his hairs not perfect."u say.they all rolled their eyes guy walking in front of u says "I agree with her." "Get away from us creeper" they say running away"thanks for backing me up."u say still walking behind him.he turns around and says no prob and it turns out it was Ross in front of u-R.R.R

Ross Lynch....... Don't really like him cause he acts like the world revolves around him! But...... He is kinda hot!!! (some other user) me > umm no he doesnt :p

Ross Lynch *imagine* Ross: *walks up to you* "will you go out with me?" You: *faint in his arms for a couple minutes* "OH God YES!