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I want a character who can talk to/ see ghosts but instead of being scare they are so annoyed with these ghosts that prank them all the time and embarrass them

from PositiveMed

Benefits of Gemstones

Very helpful--pick one or two to focus on and learn, then move to the next. A general guide on how gemstones and crystals have healing properties.


11 Stylish Stair Runners That Make a Bold Statement

cozy black and white.

from Rogue Wood Supply

8 super potent crystal pairings

When crystals come together, their energies change and heighten, creating some serious amplification and power. Here are 8 amazing combos to try at home | Rogue Wood Supply

strTeino - to prince Harry: "yea, only a half of the two flat house of the first house at Bonham Park are for the heir re Kenneth vested interest as speculated in order; claimant Dorothy of the division of property de jure may have Tanya her eldest daughter has her heiress though. Not a family house or no longer the matrimonial house.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Angle Properties of Intersecting and Parallel Lines Task Cards

Use this set of 40 Task Cards to help your students practice and review the angle properties of interesting lines and parallel lines with a transversal. Students will get lots of practice with Complementary, Supplementary, Opposite, Interior, Corresponding and Alternate Angles. Great for Math Centres, Review and Test Prep, your students will love this activity. This set can be printed in colour or black and white. An answer sheet and answer key are included.