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Syrian natives who have ministered to refugees from the civil war there are trusting in God to protect their fellow Christians.

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This is too real not to be real Rand Paul. It is a serious issue when a Libertarian voices his opinion on such evil!

Not quietism or nothingness - rather being in God's Loving Presence, as St. Teresa says, "taking time to be alone with Him Whom we know Loves us."

Let mercy outweigh all else in you

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Decorating a Catholic Home Part I: Research

Chalkboard seasonal sayings....great way to change with the seasons of the Liturgical year.

Holy Orthodox Church, Syria. One of the first Christians in the world are under attack by FOREIGN terrorists funded by Qatar & Saudi Arabia and trained by Turkey. Wouldn't you defend your country against such people who behead and bite into a human heart in the name of religion! Tell your world leaders that you don't support and you don't want to fund this fake war. Time is of essence. Christians of Middle East are at peril if you remain silent!


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From the pictures posted online, the current refugees are dressed very well. Some of them even have I-phones!

Mother of God of Kazan - Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent - #icon #MotherofGod…