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“They say that you should wake any day now, Jessie. Now that the surgeries are over, and the last of the wires and things have been removed. Even your flesh and muscles are healing, but... you still won't wake. Why is that Jessie? Is there something that they're missing?”

Regenerate - Part Two Final Chapter

"I can't do this!" Luke snatched his hand away from the door and slid down to a sitting position, grabbing his head and staring between his legs, feeling dizzy. 'What am I doing?' he thought, sensing Kyle, his best friend, kneel down in front of him. "You don't have a choice. Neither of us do."

Bad Boys.<3 haha, my mom would be like..."Look at that punk walking!" and then I'd be like "MOM! Don't call my future boyfriend a punk!!" lol

Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado

<em> This Buffalo Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado is perfect for a picnic, BBQ, beach or even when camping! </em> We just returned from our first camping trip of the year and one of the things that make it so enjoyable for me is not having to do a lot of cooking. Hubby enjoys cooking on the grill but I like to give him a break from cooking as well and this meal is one of those make ahead recipes perfect fo...

Quenting Blake - How I draw: I do a freewheeling sort of drawing that looks as though it is done on the spur of the moment. However even a single drawing needs a certain amount of preparation and planning.

"So if you're not attaching the jersey to the backing or FC form, what DO you plan on attaching it to?" the professional framer asks sweetly. "Because, unless you have a little shelf under that heavy bottomweight, and you can somehow SLOT the FC form into it, it's going to touch the glass, or move around like a piece of stupid, sports-memoribilic popcorn. But what do I know? It only took me FIVE YEARS to learn how to do this properly and beautifully. GO DIY."