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One of my art projects from school. Watercolor paper with texture plates underneath and crayon colored over top. Then painted over with diluted black ink

Would like to try - Ink over watercolor. This is a quilt by Diane Becka from Washington.

from Foursquare

Donne Vincenti

Art project. Thumbprint portrait. Scraps of paper all about you. #dreameveryday

Paper Mache Monsters- colorful art project for kids

My art project of Bob Marley, oil pastels on black paper

One of my art projects. Modge podge old hymnals to water color paper and silhouette of chandelier in black ink.

One of my high school art projects. Seattle skyline in watercolor.

Hello! I made this!Can you believe that I made this? To do this project you will need: Leaves from a tree Crayons How to do this project? Put the leaves under the paper and color over the spot were the leaves are and that is how to make this! This is great to do with kids between 3-13 AKK