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skunk, Brian Sum on ArtStation at


Intricate Steampunk Insects : Bio Bugs

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Medical project (Bone, muscles, ligaments and joints bio mechanics) am working on. The main aim is to produce a series of 3D models/images and animation to illustrate the bio mechanic functions for educational purposes. Key Points: -Leg anatomy: An introduction to the basic anatomy of the leg, this will include different layers which can be hidden in sections. Skin>fat>muscle/ligaments>bones. The leg will also be used as the main visual component for the project. It will be broken into…

#bioshock infinite. Beautiful aesthetics. A bit overloaded enviroments. Interesting ending and thrill. Hate game mechanics of space-time portals and combination of superpowers with fake steampunk guns ( I hate steampunk incongruences.. Or.. Steampunk itself) Another crazy-leader of fanatics who wants to kill you. Didn't fully liked, but it's a good game.

There are many changes that happen to woman's body during pregnancy. Her body system changes in various ways, both mentally and physically. The most apparent change is additional weight but the less apparent and often unrecognized changes are the modified bio-mechanics.