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Pendants 'Toad'. Stylistics - steampunk, bio-mechanics, bionics. Material - polymer clay, pastels, metallic powders, acrylic, lacquer

Adoptive Muscle Memory/Adomopathy/ Combat Chameleon/ Mimetic Muscle Memory/ Photographic Reflexes/ Photographic Muscle Memory: The user can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. With these skills they can become masters and incredible at what they do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over.

Genetics and Heredity Odd One Out Worksheet

Get your students critically thinking about genetics and heredity with this assignment

Bio Mechanics: Tomasz Strzałkowski – TRYGA

this is work specially done for It’s Art magazine, This is kind of continuation idea from my previous work "Mysterious sculpture". I have made modeling, texturing and rendering in Zbrush, only composition in Photoshop.

Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus via Reptile Hunter

Intricate Steampunk Insects : Bio Bugs

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#bioshock infinite. Beautiful aesthetics. A bit overloaded enviroments. Interesting ending and thrill. Hate game mechanics of space-time portals and combination of superpowers with fake steampunk guns ( I hate steampunk incongruences.. Or.. Steampunk itself) Another crazy-leader of fanatics who wants to kill you. Didn't fully liked, but it's a good game.