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We explained how to implement services that manage concurrent operations on a resource and how clients should use such services using REST

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Roger McNamee's 5 Tips for Facebook Marketing Success

Roger McNamee isn't just an investor in Facebook. He's also a client. McNamee shares his five top tips for scoring a Facebook marketing win@mashable #Facebook #socialmediamarketing

The entire 4PSA team proudly announces the release of TouchMeNow, a revolutionary solution that bundles software and hardware to deliver a previously unimaginable communication experience. Making use of haptic technology, TouchMeNow incorporates an unexpected, but highly desired element to Unified Communications: touch.

4PSA is supporting a program to help university students get their BS/MS theses in the cloud. Nope, that does not mean we will provide storage services. It means we will get student hands in the cloud software we build. And yes, one can do mighty good stuff with it, while documenting it in a graduation paper.

Which are the most important steps when developing RESTful services? First step is to identify the resources, such as photos, people (and others) that the service handles. Next, determine the best way to map the resource behavior to HTTP methods. But mapping operations is easy once you know the characteristics of the HTTP methods.

Hands-on with the Electric Imp at Maker Faire (video)