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Should You Go To The Gym?

Should You Go To The Gym? Lol no.

I don't think he's realizing that he's never going to have the chance to apologize. That's not very Steve, because he's a soldier. He understands sometimes you don't get to make things right with people who don't come back from war. And that's what that moment is. It was a battle, and he understands that not everyone makes it out alive, but he never expected Tony to be that someone.

Gym Defenders Tier List (26Aug2016)

(gif set) Goodbye Stranger; Megstiel "You remember everything." "If you're referring to the pizza man... yes, I remember the pizza man. And it's a good memory." [This scene makes me so freaking sad.]

I would take every single one of these classes, and excel. Of course, in the JohnLock and Destiel to prove why they'd never happen.

Hikaru Sulu :) This is the fourth or fifth time seeing this picture and I cannot refuse to repin it any longer.


Its a dangerous business, Frodo...

"Everyone needs a Sam." <-- Awesome comment. I totally need a Sam. How much do they cost?

From now on when the humidity curls my hair, I'm going to look around and see if I'm on to something.

Firefly Serenity quote Hoban Washburne; I was in too much shock to cry at first, it wasn't till the gravestones at the end that I cried, well more sobbed like a baby

Ash and Pikachu are looking for the leader of this gym, but there seem to be no Pokemon to be found. What will our heroes do next?