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scarification: cutting designs into skin with a scalpel. when the cuts heal scar tissue forms into the design that was carved

BEAUTIFUL scarification piece done by my mod artist/ good friend Matt Vermillion. :) Im very proud to say that the man who did this gorgeous piece, has punched my conches and, cut and sutured my nutsack.

from Headandfacedesign's Weblog

Body art: scarification

It's called scarification, it's a form of body modification where, as you might have predicted, the design is cut into your skin and the new skin that forms becomes the "tattoo"... It's crazy, but I must admit that the end product is absolutely incredible. Ugh I don't think so .....Cool but not for me ...

dotwork scarification #scarification #bodymodification

Do I even want to know how this is done?! I mean its pretty but.. Ouch.

I dont think I would ever get this done, but this guy does incredible work. I just found out about scarification. Its insane. Warning: Website not for the squeamish or faint-hearted.

Scarification - With this particular body modification, cuts are made between 1/4″ and 3/4″ into the skin while the scar tissue is used to imprint words, pictures, and designs upon the body. I think I'd like this as a regular tattoo!!

This is seriously the most beautifully healed scarification. Makes me want something, but maybe not on my face