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"You're home late." They said in unison. That was one of the things he loved about them. They never bothered with individuality or conformity. Those things just didn't exist for his little golden friends. They were one mind, and when he was with them, he belonged. "Yeah," he said, dropping his bag and joining them in the warm liquid of the cube, "but I'm home." <<Interesting..

Before I Grow Up by yuumei on DeviantArt

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げみ*画集発売中 on

Anime girl I like how the umbrella is light blue it kind looks like it's making the water glow

Desde pequeña puede invocar seres si se los imagina. Pero sólo pequeños y sin llegar a otorgarles plena existencia.

something looks fishy.... Haha get it!!! Lol's not funny? Oh ok I see my jokes suck? I see I'm gonna go cry now ;~;

Wenqing Yan - - - -