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Hugin and Mugin; Odin's ravens love the flying images


Sleep Blessing - Celtic Moonway

Pagan Celtic Sleep Blessing (This is the original image. There is a version floating around the internet that is a crude alteration and doesn't have the artist's copyright on it. Please share this version and help spread the word about the unlawful appropriation of the artist's work.)

from Etsy

Bronze Thor's Hammer Tiwaz Rune Mjolnir Vikings Amulet Nordic 3D Pendant Talisman Necklace

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

this illustration is beautiful! and could be redone through the concept of using a females facial/ portrait area and have her lips coloured red to symbolise love-passion/kissing, use half the face of an animal which represents love, use the rose within her hair to represent love etc... as a concept for the cover of my romance novel- just a concept which could work or could not work.

Image result for viking long ships

Viking ships - were usually 33 to 99 feet long and were divided into classes depending upon size and function.