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I wish I had curves like this! Yuri!!!

Protect the Goal Posts!! Back in the day the students used to climb the posts after a win, overload them with weight and then pull them down. I'm sure there's YouTube video out there...haven't heard of anyone doing that at any school for something like 20 years now, mainly because of the ring of security around them after the games.

::Grayson Dolan::"sup, I'm Grayson"I smile"I'm 18 and single, I'm looking for the perfect girl. I'm a Youtuber and model. I like playing sports, going to the beach, and traveling. I'm very laid back. Well that's it about me, come say hi?"

I'm not the only who noticed this! Like the proportions and lengthy did their bodies look out of whack when they skate and ther faces look weird. When they do animate parts well it's reused and you see it again like not to complain but still. Although the op animation was amazing

Sure you can... Once I asked my friend that apparently does swim how long her 50 free took. She said about two minutes. I was like, oh my gosh that's terrible! Then I elaborated that a 50 was a lap, and she said, oh I thought that you were talking about 50 LAPS! Then I was thinking to myself there is no way that anyone can swim 50 LAPS in TWO minutes! Omg it was so funny!