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How to build a 5$ Arduino (clone)

Build a $5 arduino. If you are like me and build projects with Arduino, you must have felt the frustration with ripping your project apart, because you wanted to build something else with that Arduino. I have had the ...

Pocket laser engraver.

Pocket LASER engraver. Uses VD drive parts for motion. I feel its time to share my latest project - a low cost laser engraver,. The workspace is a bit small but none the less it works and comes so cheap that most will be able to replicate the result. I did take a few shortcuts, as I feel I dont have the knowledge to do all the electronics I opted for readymade but low cost in favor of trying to make my own (and most likely fail). All parts used are however easy to find.

No Pump Automatic Watering!

In this instructable I'm going to show you how you can make your very own automatic plant watering system. The best part? This solution requires no pump!The benefit of using an automatic watering system is that you avoid having your plants start to dry out, and you also wont accidentally soak your plants. The moisture is kept at the perfect level for your plants and you end up using less water!There's a lot of different automatic watering systems out there. These seem to work great however…

Arduino Laser Engraver Wood Design!

It can cut through paper and cardboard, and engrave all kinds of wood. Such a fun tool to have around the workshop!

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop - A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects

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DIY Arduino Battery Spot Welder

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