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    70 Creative Examples of Paper Art

    Art can be created in many ways, with an array of materials to choose from many of us overlook paper as the main source of motivation. In today's collection we'll be showcasing some breathtaking paper art from around the world.

    切り絵アート 蒼山日菜: France-based Japanese artist Hina Aoyama is passionate about creating lacy-paper cuttings using the very time-consuming technique.

    Aoyama Hina creates breathtakingly intricate papercuts be awed at: and

    Alternative for Pentecost? Or, what about for a Sunday on Noah? Or perhaps change the colors for Lent... our confessions and laments can be the "raindrops." Gradually shift to hopes to make up the clouds (and change color)... Thinking "out loud" now! :)

    Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas