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“She is not like my gods. My gods….are as real as you and me. They laugh. They bleed. They rush around the skies” — Lagertha. Vikings, sword, female warrior, shield maiden, great tv, powerful face, intense eyes, strong, female beauty, portrait, photo b/w.

Zen/peace/boho Stuff & more.. guide for different symbols..♥ ♥

Golden Celtic Key - The key to heaven was hung on a nail -Like the top part for…

Celtic knots... Keeping these in mind for applique and quilting designs.

Yggdrasil - Upon the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, strong Odin hung until he realized what he had come for, he paid dearly, one eye for sure and more, but he stayed the course... ODIN, the ALL FATHER! I want this tattooed on me but in watercolor.

had this picked for a tattoo for YEARS

Tribal with howling wolf and moon tattoo.

Viking Runes ... Sweden ... Book & Visit SWEDEN now via or as alternative you can use .... For more option please visit

I think I might have to do my nails like this for the Tiger Beat release party... #goteam #TigerBeat #LSU