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Eternal Life Sculpture focal real scarab by MetalPearlsFireStone

Pure perfection jewelry pieces are made from real #scarab wings. Bibi van der Velden-Wearable Works of Art http://maison-de-mode.com/collections/jewelry/products/scarab-up-side-down

Late 1800s Victorian Scarab Beetle Clover Pin, Paste, Silver (in the online shop) This is really one of the stranger Victorian brooches I’ve come across. The clover is a very typical and very domestic Victorian motif. To incorporate scarabs, which were usually used in Victorian Egyptian Revival jewelry, is unexpected, and a little odd. But this is why the Victorians were such great designers. This jeweler took a trendy, but overused, motif like the clover, and livened it up with some…

Scarab beetle. May Bugs belong to the Scarab family, revered for millenia in Ancient Egypt. Unlike this be-jewelled artifact, real May Bugs live for only about 5 or 6 weeks.

Falcon collar of Princess Neferuptah Twelfth Dynasty, reign of Amenemhat III, 1831-1786 BC - gold, carnelian, feldspar - The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

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